About our startup

India’s most advanced and affordable GPS Based Vehicle Tracking System. We provide hassle free School Bus Solution, Logistics and Omni Bus solution, Nearest Vehicle Finder etc.

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Cutting Edge Technology

VAMOS uses cutting edge NoSQL, Big Data & NIO technologies coupled with best hardwares by which we can virtually handle unlimited number of vehicles (gps devices) in its distributed cloud platform. We also provide Apple IOS App and Android App to all our users.

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Best Telematics

Our platform not only provide near real time live movement of vehicles, we also provide advanced telematics reports like Driver Behaviour, Logistics Report (Trip & Geofence report), Over Speed, Shock Alarms, Distance vs Fuel, Parking, Idle time analysis report.

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Most Affordable

VAMOS is the most affordable vehicle tracking platform in the world. Basic Tracking or Advanced Tracking – we charge lower than any platform across the globe.  So get the quote, see the demo before opting for any other competitor product.

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With our innovative solution parents can track the school bus using IOS/Android Apps or receive SMS notification just 5-10 minutes before bus reaches their designated stop.  Our trip sheet technique makes sure the notification sent only during designated pickup trip and drop trip of school bus. Any other movements of the school bus (like during holidays & non business hours) are not shared with parents.  Non-School trip movement information of a vehicle is available only for the  school management. We also provide route deviation alert, live traffic conditions to transport managers.

Using RFID child boarding/be boarding can be completely tracked and notified to the schools and parents.

In-vehicle remote controlled cameras provides options to transport managers to have complete view & control on In-Vehicle activities.

GPS Tracking

Our Services

Schools/College Bus Solution

School / College / Company bus route discovery & stops marking, instant SMS alerts / mobile app notification to students/parents/employees on arrival & departure of bus to their bus stops, route deviation alerts  etc.

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Nearest Vehicle Finder

We provide nearest vehicles finder in more simplified manner both in web app and in mobile apps. This solution can be applied for any public autos/cabs/corporate cabs/closed user circle vehicles/commercial carriers etc.

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Logistics/Omni Bus

For Logistics & Omni bus operators, we provide unlimited geo fence points & notification, parking alerts, integration of our tracking platform with ERP of the Logistics provider etc.

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Hardware Agnostic Platform

We provide support to all popular GPS devices across the world. All Concox devices (GT06N, GT300, TR03A etc), Meitrack Track Devices (T1, MVT600 etc), Amwell Devices , TK103 etc.

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